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Today the main floor, parts of the second floor and grounds have been restored and are available for use. The focus of the current restoration project is the slate roof. Problem areas have been restored however substantial damage was found requiring replacement of some plywood and rafters. As a result the project will require additional work as funds are available. Your tax deductible donation would help bring the Foundation closer to completing this project. Please send donations to:

The Major's Inn Foundation

P.O. Box 242

Gilbertsville, NY 13776



The Major's Inn, now a 55 room Inn was built to be a private home, replacing the original Gilbert 1822 homestead destroyed by fire in 1895. Begun in 1897, the Major's Inn, once the elegant "Heart of Gilbertsville" and National Register Historic Site, in the years following the Great Depression had been slowly deteriorating. By the summer of 1978 it was a crumbling heap of stones, full of graffiti and garbage, its broken windows covered in plywood; no one seemed to be able to prevent it from falling to dust. Not just an "eyesore"; it was a heartbreaking village tragedy.


In 1980 a Not-for-Profit corporation was proposed to be established to accept and restore The Major's Inn. Among those attending, there was unanimous support for the project. The vision of The Major's Inn Foundation to return the campus to health has slowly been taking place. The preservation of the building and grounds clearly demonstrate the wisdom of following the U.S. Secretary of Interior Standards for rehabilitation  Under the direction of Cece Rowe, Executive Director since 1987, much of the wok has been done by loyal and talented volunteers, and funds to pay for additional work have been raised through tireless fundraising activities, grants, and the support of friends from all over the world.


The Major's Inn Foundation's tireless work and dedication in the face of financial challenges " preserve and protect the Inn consistent with the purpose of restoring and maintaining the Major's Inn as a cultural and architecturally significant place..." truly demonstrates outstanding commitment to the meaning of "Stewardship." In 1980 it was predicted that the building would be gone in less than five years. Thirty four years later, the beautiful 117 year old building is well on its way to returning to its venerable place as a fully functioning Inn, and the Heart of Gilbertsville.


In August 2014, the Pomeroy Foundation Historic Marker was presented to the Village of Gilbertsville as a National Register Historic Site since 1982.




Current Restoration Work

The Heart of Gilbertsville

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